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The two companies will work together to help customers manage obsolete parts for aircraft and other platforms, weapon systems, and a range of electronics and equipment.
Through Life Support Limited, or TLS, are experts in providing obsolescence management for projects and organizations, both large and small. TLS staff offer through-life support, integrated logistics support and various engineering disciplines, supporting both the UK Ministry of Defence and private industry. Combined, TLS has accumulated more than 60 years of experience in equipment support areas, routinely tackling issues and challenges from both the customer and supplier perspective.
BAE Systems will utilize its award-winning suite of tools and services called AVCOM (Advanced Component Obsolescence Management). At its core, AVCOM is a web-enabled tool that allows government and commercial customers to forecast when a part will become obsolete or too expensive, and then finds suitable replacements for that part from across the marketplace. With a database accessing more than 100 million parts, the tool can deliver significant savings for the total cost of a system or platform, by efficiently resolving difficult obsolescence issues. AVCOM has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense for its quality, service and performance. The tool is frequently distinguished for its delivery of extensive obsolescence management functionality, and it has been recognized for supporting the U.S. Air Force Materiel Command and other defense contractors.
With TLS’s obsolescence capability across all aspects of the obsolescence management framework and product life cycle, combined with AVCOM’s mitigation and resolution capability, BAE Systems and TLS now have the ability to provide services from simple advice on contracting for obsolescence management and obsolescence management planning, through to the full obsolescence management of a total platform.

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