VLS Mk 41 missile canisters provide a sealed storage, transportation, and launch container for a wide range of system-compatible weapons.
The U.S. Navy has awarded BAE Systems a $78 million contract modification to produce canisters for Mk 41 and Mk 57 Vertical Launching Systems (VLS) on cruisers and destroyer battleships. This new contract increases the current contract value to $158 million.

“BAE Systems has produced the canisters for the Navy since 1985, and this contract further demonstrates our customer's satisfaction with the quality of our work,” said Mark Signorelli, vice president and general manager of Weapon Systems at BAE Systems. “It is also a testament to the overall effectiveness of the Mk 41 and Mk 57 systems in supporting and protecting our sailors.”

The canisters are used as a launch platform for various missiles within the Navy fleet and serve as shipping and storage containers for the missiles. The Mk 41 and Mk 57 VLS are below deck missile launchers capable of launching missiles at multiple naval warfare threats including anti-air, anti-submarine, ship self-defense, land attack, naval surface fire support and ballistic missile defense missions.

Work is expected to be complete by December 2014.

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Ref. 122/2012