King County Metro, Seattle, WA transit bus is powered by BAE Systems HybriDrive propulsion system.

We hit a major milestone in September, when we delivered our 5,000th HybriDrive® hybrid-electric propulsion system to London's transit operator, Arriva. Now, just more than six months later, we’ve shipped another 1,000 hybrid systems to transit agencies all over the world, with one state in particular receiving our 6,000th HybriDrive system.

Seattle’s King County Metro received our 6,000th hybrid system upon obtaining its recent order of New Flyer buses, all equipped with our HybriDrive Series-E system. With this latest delivery, Seattle now has 356 HybriDrive systems in its transit fleet, and with plans to receive more this year, Seattle boasts one of the greenest fleets in the U.S. and is expected to achieve its goal of an all-electric and hybrid fleet by 2018.

The goal of our HybriDrive solutions team is to support communities around the world in their efforts to provide cleaner, quieter public transportation options by equipping buses with our HybriDrive technology.

“Transit agencies are looking to BAE Systems’ Series-E technology to help them reduce fuel consumption and the release of harmful emissions into the air with our engine-off capability. Buses that run on electric power will not only reduce fuel consumption but improve environmental conditions for people living and working near bus routes,” said Steve Trichka, vice president and general manager for HybriDrive Solutions at BAE Systems.

Our Series-E system not only reduces engine idling at stops but gives transit agencies the ability to operate their buses on all electric power when traveling through bus garages and passenger depots. Thus, our propulsion system is ideal for bus routes through other noise and air-quality sensitive areas such as tunnels, outdoor shopping malls or near hospitals.

With our HybriDrive technology on more than 100 fleets around the world, we’re not only helping to bridge the gap between diesel and electric for transit systems, but also helping to create a cleaner environment across the globe.

Nicole Gable
Nicole Gable
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