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Striker® II Digital Helmet-Mounted Display

Striker II
BAE Systems Striker® II – the all new digital helmet-mounted display system with integrated night vision cameras – Performance without compromise.
A full-colour, fully digital solution with integrated night vision.

The world’s most advanced helmet-mounted display

The Striker II HMD builds on the already well-established Striker HMD, which has decades of combat-proven experience on Typhoon and Gripen C/D aircraft. A full-colour solution, Striker II provides fixed- and rotary-wing pilots with remarkable situational awareness, next generation night vision, 3D audio and target tracking technology; all within a fully integrated visor-projected HMD system.

The highly sophisticated Striker II lets pilots see through the body of the aircraft via a distributed aperture system, giving them a vital advantage when it comes to split-second decision making. Using optical sensors embedded in the aircraft, Striker II immediately calculates the pilot’s exact head position and angle. This means no matter where the pilot is looking, Striker II displays accurate targeting information and symbology, with ‘near zero’ latency.

Striker II by night – test pilot evaluates newest fully digital, day/night helmet-mounted display from BAE Systems

Features & benefits

Pilot wearing Striker II helmet

For today and tomorrow — no matter the platform

Striker II has been specifically designed to allow for ease of integration across a wide range of both rotary- and fixed-wing platforms. It’s compatible with aircraft that have analogue display drive electronics, via a low latency conversion device, and has a digital interface for aircraft with digital display drives. The comprehensive list of features work together seamlessly to provide pilots with unmatched awareness. Most importantly, the information is displayed in an intuitive way, allowing for a natural response in what can be the most challenging and unnatural of environments. 


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