Seakeeper 7 Series - 
709/712/715 range

The Seakeeper 7 series is based on a capable load carrying, high speed asymmetric catamaran hull form, designed for maximum performance with water jets.


The 709 Logistics Support Boat (LSB) is designed and built to Lloyds standards and meets the requirements of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) workboat code. It is NATO codified and backed with a logistic support package developed from a comprehensive accessibility, reliability and maintainability study and full safety case appraisal. As a bridging tug, the LSB is used to push, tow, position and anchor bridging and river crossing equipment such as the M3 floating bridge and bridging pontoons. 
The 712 and 715 are highly capable versatile load carrying craft able to fulfil a variety of roles. This includes high speed landing, long range over the horizon transits, passenger ferries, equipment mobilisation, such as oil spill recovery, and much more. They are fitted with an elevated bridge for improved visibility and offer several modular cabin and deck fit out options to suit individual operator’s requirements.
Options range from basic cabin for helmsman and crew to a comprehensive fit-out including galley, toilet, shower, dayroom and sleeping accommodation with heating and air conditioning. The Seakeeper builds on the established Sea Truck design. More than 200 of these proven craft have been built in the past 25 years.



The combination of twin water jets and powerful diesel inboards gives all the craft good speed and range. All hull types have operating speeds in the range of 30 knots. The 709 is also available in both petrol outboard and diesel inboard/outboard variants.

Through life support

BAE Systems’ Boats offers through life support for all its products, with technicians available for support worldwide and bespoke training packages offered.

Facts and figures – 709
  • Length 8.77 metres
  • Beam 2.90 metres
  • Draught (drive up) 0.60 metres
  • Typical speed laden 27 knots
  • Payload (max.) 2000 kg
Facts and figures – 712
  • Length 12.50 metres
  • Beam 4.00 metres
  • Draught (drive down) 0.70 metres
  • Typical speed laden 24 knots
  • Payload (max.) 4000 kg
Facts and figures – 715
  • Length 16.00 metres
  • Beam 4.00 metres
  • Draught (drive down) 0.70 metres
  • Typical speed laden 24 knots
  • Payload (max.) 6100 kg

Military and professional

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