Sampson Multi-Function Radar

Sampson Multi-Function Radar
Sampson Multi Function Radar
At the forefront of radar technology for more than 70 years, we supply and support every major warship in the UK Royal Navy.
Sampson is the primary surveillance and dedicated tracking sensor on the UK Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyers. It’s fully software-configurable and features adaptive digital beamforming techniques to combat clutter and high electronic countermeasure environments.

Able to simultaneously detect and track hundreds of targets, Sampson is compatible with both active and semi-active homing missile systems, providing mid-course guidance. It supports fully automatic operation where rapid reaction is required. Sampson also represents good value for money.

The picture looks fantastic. The accuracy, the speed of indication of tracks, the automation in MFR - the early indications are hugely impressive. I'm quite in awe of that particular capability.

Captain Paul Bennett OBE RN

, Former Commanding Officer, HMS Daring

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