Reconfigurable Maritime Warfare Training

HMS Diamond crew training on the Reconfigurable Maritime Warfare Training System
Our Reconfigurable Warfare training solution has been developed to train operators on the Royal Navy’s new and legacy warship Operations Rooms.

BAE Systems' Maritime Composite Training System, it uses current PC technology to provide a high fidelity training environment. Platform specific training for multiple platform types can be provided at the full team, sub-team or individual level.

The backbone of the Reconfigurable Warfare Training solution is the common synthetic environment control (CSEC) system which provides scenario generation and animation, instructor monitoring and control facilities.

Developed from the scenario generation and animation systems used by the Royal Navy over the past two decades, the common synthetic environment control CSEC incorporates all functionality requested by current, experienced instructors and role players, offering thousands of training entities across multiple scenarios.

Captain Paul Bennett Reconfigurable Maritime Warfare Training quote