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Solar electric unmanned air vehicle with the potential to transform the air and space market
Persistent High Altitude Solar Aircraft (PHASA-35®) is powered by the sun during the day, and by batteries overnight, and has the potential to stay airborne for a year.
The novel aero structure design of the high-altitude long endurance vehicle, combined with advanced solar technology, makes PHASA-35® a game changer in the air and space market.   
It’s designed to provide a persistent, stable platform for monitoring, surveillance, communications and security applications. When connected to other technologies and assets, it will provide both military and commercial customers with capabilities that are not currently available from existing air and space platforms. The Unmanned Air Vehicle also has the potential to be used in the delivery of communications networks including 5G, as well as provide other services, such as disaster relief and border protection, at a fraction of the cost of satellites.
Developed in collaboration by engineers from Prismatic Ltd and BAE Systems, the 35m wingspan solar-electric aircraft successfully completed its maiden flight in 2020 after being designed, built and flown in less than two years.


  • Solar HALE vehicles offer a significantly cheaper alternative to satellite technology
  • Provides a low-cost, persistent service ideal for providing surveillance and communications to remote areas

Potential applications

  • Environmental surveillance
  • Disaster relief
  • Border protection
  • Maritime and military surveillance
  • Mobile and internet communications to remote areas