A military XLAUV capability
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Proven experience in military underwater platform design

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the underwater battlespace, the Herne XLAUV integrates the latest military technologies to advance the capabilities of navies around the world.
Trusted autonomous systems
Herne’s sophisticated command chain design is underpinned by seven years of pedigree in surface autonomy.
Proven software
Understanding that mission profiles can change, Herne’s software has been specifically designed to have the ability to be reconfigured for each operation.
Signature management
Every component has been intrinsically designed to have a low signature.
Secure communications
Robust and secure communication packages sit at the core of the design to enable effective communication with the host platform.
Established naval architecture
Trusted by navies around the world to design the most complex naval platforms, Herne’s design benefits from a rich heritage in naval architecture.
Payload integration
Multiple potential payload options including ROVs, range extenders and advanced sonars.
Accurate navigation
A tried and trusted navigation system is integrated on the Herne XLAUV.

Modular design to adapt to the mission

Maintaining maximum endurance is at the core of Herne’s modular design. The Herne XLAUV adaptable modules allow the platform to be configured to meet mission requirements. Key features of the modular design include:
Herne - Flexible Platform
Flexible platform size
Allows for insertion of additional hull sections, providing capability enhancements where required.
Herne - Launch and recovery
Launch and recovery
Launch and recover from the harbour, a ship or submarine.
Herne - Payload
Payload space
Large and flexible payload space.
Herne - Maintenance
Ease of service and maintenance
Easy access to all internal components for easy maintenance.


With adaptable modules Herne can be configured to meet various homeland defence and expeditionary roles including: 

Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) 

Protecting Critical National Infrastructure 

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) 



We have established collaborative relationships to design, develop and deliver world-leading XLAUV solutions. We continue to welcome small enterprises to larger defence primes to join our AUV collaboration network to integrate the best technologies and provide market-leading capability to navies around the world.



Our AUV network includes:

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