Advanced manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing
F-35 Production People
Our global workforce remains agile and responsive to ensure we are delivering on our production commitments.
The aft fuselage of every F-35 aircraft is produced by our global workforce in advanced manufacturing facilities in Lancashire, UK.

Our facilities use robotic technology to machine and assemble the aft fuselage and horizontal and vertical tails for the airframe of every variant of the jet with more than 3,000 aircraft due to be produced.

Our US business is a major partner to prime contractor Lockheed Martin, producing the F-35’s electronic warfare system and vehicle management computer from locations in Nashua, New Hampshire and Endicott, New York. There is also a site in Rochester, UK that provides the Active Interceptor Systems, which the pilot uses to direct and manoeuvre the aircraft.

The vertical tail sections of the Conventional Take-Off and Landing (CTOL) variant of the aircraft are produced in Australia by a team led by Marand which includes components from our BAE Systems Australia manufacturing team.


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