We three Kings...

The forward end construction of the fifth Astute class submarine, Anson, lining up alongside her sisters, Artful and Audacious
The front section of the fifth Astute class submarine, Anson, took her place alongside her sister submarines yesterday.

Anson's forward end construction was transported to the Devonshire Dock Hall at our Submarines site in Barrow-in-Furness.

She took her place inside the giant construction hall alongside her sister submarines, Artful and Audacious.

This unique sight captures Anson’s forward end construction manoeuvring into position on her ‘build line’  – showing the ‘faces’ of all three submarines at different stages of construction.

It is inside this building that the next stage of her construction will take place and she will start to mirror her state-of-the-art sisters that, once complete, will weigh 7,400 tonnes and measure 97 metres in length.

Anson’s 250- tonne forward end construction is 16 metres long, 10.5metres wide and around 11.5metres tall.