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The new business comes from Romania’s flag carrier TAROM and Turkish-based MGA MaviGok Aviation and covers a total of 22 aircraft.
Referred to as TCAS 7.1 the upgrade covers all models of the Boeing 737 from the Classic (Series 300-500) to the New Generation variants (Series 600-900) and also all models of the Boeing 757 (Series 200/300 and Boeing 757PF).

TCAS 7.1 is the latest standard of this anti- collision software system and introduces two primary changes to the software logic to further improve safety in situations where two aircraft are either ascending or descending simultaneously, or to improve pilot responses when they are required to adjust vertical speed.

This upgrade is a new standard that is mandatory from December 1, 2015 for all aircraft flying in European airspace. TAROM’s upgrade is for eight Boeing 737s comprising Boeing 737-300 Classics and Boeing 737-700 New Generation aircraft. These aircraft are used intensively on routes from Bucharest across Europe and to Africa and the Middle East.

MaviGok Aviation’s upgrades covers a fleet of 14 Boeing 737-800s and Boeing 757-200s that are operated by UTAIR Russia JSC, Katekavia (doing business as Azur Air) and UTAIR Ukraine as Air Operator Certificate holders on behalf of ANEX Tours to provide flights from Russia and Ukraine to holiday destinations in Europe, the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Depending on the standard of TCAS fitted to aircraft the upgrade can either be accommodated by a replacement of the existing TCAS II computer or through a software upgrade.

Installation upgrades managed by BAE Systems for airline customers have involved both software and hardware variants and also have covered equipment manufactured by the three prime TCAS contractors – ACSS, Honeywell and Rockwell Collins.

Note to editors:
The EASA approvals are as follows:
Software upgrade –    Boeing 737 all models Approval No: 10047083
Boeing 757 -200, 200PF and 300 models Approval No: 10047084
Hardware upgrade -    Boeing 737 300-900 models Approval No: 10048160
Boeing 757 -200, 200PF and 300 models Approval No: 10048181
In addition to Tarom and MaviGok Aviation, BAE Systems’ TCAS 7.1 upgrades have been carried out for several other European carriers flying Boeing aircraft including Alba Star of Spain and Swedish/UK freight operator West Atlantic.

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