90m OPV sea trials

Named after Tobago’s capital, Scarborough embarked on an extensive programme of trials in July, with a combined BAE Systems and Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard crew on board, ready to put the ship through her paces.

Scott Jamieson, International Programmes Director at BAE Systems’ Surface Ships division, said: “Scarborough exceeded her contracted 25 knot speed during sea trials and outperformed manoeuvrability requirements set out by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

“This outstanding capability will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to the Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard, helping to support its ongoing battle to beat the drugs trade in the region.”

During sea trials, the Scarborough achieved a speed of 25.38 knots and completed turning circles in 3.5 ship lengths and a stopping distance of 3.7 ship lengths. In addition, the crew tested the ship’s main platform systems, power and propulsion, and components of the combat system, including the guns and the main surveillance radar, which is vital in the fight against the drugs trade.

Scarborough is part of a contract to build three 90m Offshore Patrol Vessels for the Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard which will be used for a range of Economic Exclusion Zone management tasks, from disaster relief operations to tackling drug runners. Under the agreement, the UK Ministry of Defence is providing technical advice, quality assurance and operational sea training for the 60 man crews.

BAE Systems will also provide maintenance and in-service support to the ships for the next five years. This follows the work the Company’s engineers have been undertaking for the past three years to the support the two interim vessels that BAE Systems provided to the Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard in 2007. 

The design of these highly versatile offshore patrol vessels is based on the proven River Class ships in service with the Royal Navy. Their ability to accommodate a diversity of roles makes them an attractive option to Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard as well as navies around the world. BAE Systems is already working with Bangkok Dock in Thailand, which is using the same core platform design to build a similar vessel for the Royal Thai Navy.

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