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#ThisIsEngineering was created in response to significant demand for engineering talent in the UK - according to the latest EngineeringUK figures the annual shortfall is up to 59,000 - and narrow public perceptions of engineering and engineers. The campaign will help to reset the conversation about engineering, appealing to young people’s passions for subjects such as sport, technology and design, and illustrating through social media that the profession is diverse, challenging and creative.
#ThisIsEngineering centres around a series of films featuring young engineers working in a range of industries, from blockbuster films to disaster relief, that have been viewed more than 28 million times by teenagers on social media, since launching last January.
The third season of films is now live and features our very own Sophie Harker, an Aerodynamics and Performance Engineer in the Air sector who was also recently hailed Young Woman Engineer of the Year.
Watch Sophie’s video and read her profile to discover more about the defining moment that inspired her to translate her love of maths into an exciting engineering career at BAE Systems, where she now helps to develop high-speed planes of the future.
According to a press release from the Royal Academy of Engineering, a survey of GCSE and A Level students following the first year of the campaign revealed that consideration of engineering as a career option has now almost doubled among those who have seen the campaign, and the increase is even more significant among females and BAME students.
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