Ten year-old becomes tank engineer for the day
The company arranged the visit after Zack wrote to its CEO, Ian King, asking to meet some tank engineers.

Zack has had a life-long interest in tanks and engineering so was keen to see the armoured vehicles up close. He spent some time exploring Terrier, the Army’s Combat Engineer Vehicle: “It was great to look around Terrier, which can clear mines, dig trenches and you can even drive it 1km away by remote control.

“The best bit was getting to sit in an actual Terrier crew compartment and drive it in virtual reality – it’s the same training that soldiers do before driving the real thing outside. It was a bit like a computer game, but you feel all the bumps when you go off road and you get to sit inside and use the real controls!”

After seeing and driving Terrier, Zack and his parents spent the rest of the day with BAE Systems Field Support engineer, Martin Convery, at the nearby National Tank Museum. It was a chance to ask lots more questions and see some tanks driving around the museum’s track.

Martin explained: “It was a joy to show this young engineer around the museum and answer his questions about armour, mobility, engines and technology. Zack clearly knows a huge amount about tanks and is fascinated by engineering, so we very much hope to see him again when he’s thinking about his next steps. BAE Systems offers a variety of ways into our business, including apprenticeships and a graduate scheme that cover your tuition fees while paying you a salary.

“Whatever he chooses to do, I wish him all the best and hope he has fun.”

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