NATO award winning team - Photos by kind permission of DNW and DLR

The award, NATO's highest award,  was given to the AVT-161 Team, which looks at the assessment of stability & control prediction methods on defence vehicles. It recognised that the team produced a "truly significant scientific contribution to the NATO knowledge base, with a direct measurable impact on defence vehicles, with an unprecedented level of international collaboration. The organisational methods alone which were developed by the team have set a new benchmark for future teams to build upon.”

Speaking about the award Jon Irving, who coordinates aerodynamics activities within the Research & Technology team, said: “On a business level, participation in the NATO team has enabled us to add to our knowledge of the aerodynamics of unconventional stealthy configurations.

Together with other related NATO teams, it has complemented the experience we have already gained on previous projects within our business. This will continue in the future as the team is now engaged in a follow on activity, extending the research to cover higher speeds and the effects of flying controls such as flaps.

The relevance of this to our business and the UK is demonstrated by the fact that the high speed wind tunnel tests with control surfaces will be performed in the Warton 1.2m High Speed Wind Tunnel, with a German built model and parts, funded through the UK MoD funded Future Combat Air System research programme.

On a personal level, I have learnt a lot from the collaborative nature of the work, especially working with experts from many different NATO nations. It has also enabled me to learn a new language - the lexicon of Computational Fluid Dynamics!"

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