This annual award, sponsored by the Chartered Quality Institute, is designed to recognise and reward those who, through their approach to quality in everyday jobs, have had a significant impact on the success of their department's objectives.

Whilst Adam, Senior Quality Controller on Typhoon Final Assembly, is the recipient of the award, he’s quick to point out that it’s down to a real team effort: "Whilst the award has been given to me by the MOD, I have made it known to the customer and all who have asked about this that it would not have been possible without the support, enthusiasm and commitment of my team who for the last two years have engaged with Keith Tilley, the UK DE&S acceptance manager, to improve the quality of the product we deliver. During this period, a number of initiatives have been drawn up and deployed that allow us to interface with the customer more meaningfully, understanding his concerns and feeding them back to our supplier and into our own build line.

"These initiatives have seen a far more robust management of non-conformance and a more productive relationship with our customer and suppliers. We are now continuing to expand these initiatives as a template into other fields to again help our customer. In addition, and led by other technical leads, the whole business continues to develop current and new ideas to further reduce non-conformance, lead times, build costs and customer complaints."

The award recognises the work done and the relationships made in the course of this work. The award will presented to Adam at a ceremony at MoD Abbey Wood on 7 February.