Apprentice Planner Joel Stevens and Apprentice Caulker Adam Langhorn

The ‘Made by apprentices’ project, which is being launched by the National Apprenticeship Service, sees the talents of apprentices who work for employers as diverse as Cadbury’s and BAE Systems, celebrated as they are asked for the very first time to put their names on their handiwork. 

Joel Stevens, 20, and Adam Langhorn, 26, from BAE Systems Maritime – Submarines flew the flag for Cumbria and each made a little piece of history by signing their name on Artful, the third Astute class submarine, making this product truly unique.

"A dream job"

Speaking at the signing, Joel said: “I’m delighted to represent the many fantastic goods and services which are made by apprentices in Cumbria. Working as part of a team on such an incredible and challenging product is something I really enjoy.”

Adam later added: “Being an apprentice at BAE systems is a dream job for me. The shipyard has a long history of shipbuilding and offers great career opportunities.

"Vital for the future"

Head of Learning and Development Ted Creighton said: “The apprentice programme is vital for the future of the Submarines business. The design and build of a nuclear powered submarine is a hugely complex feat of engineering that requires a unique set of skills, so it’s essential we maintain these through the apprentice programme.”


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Neil Lauderdale
Communications Manager