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7.62mm Ammunition
The next generation of small arms ammunition
This ammunition significantly increases the ability to defeat protected targets, such as lightly protected vehicles and aircraft, at increased ranges compared with standard NATO rounds.
The ammunition was developed to meet new requirements identified by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD). This was taken forward under the partnering agreement between the MOD and BAE Systems by specialist engineers based in the Company’s new Small Arms Ammunition facility in Radway Green UK, where the round is now in full production. It is compatible with all other 7.62mm NATO weapons.
Jennifer Osbaldestin, Managing Director of BAE Systems Land (UK) explained: “BAE Systems has a long history of innovation in the UK and the 7.62mm HP round is further evidence of our achievement. It is the result of hard work, industry-leading engineering skills and a close partnership with the MOD.
“We have recently made more than £200 Million of investment in our UK facilities and equipment, providing us with some of the most advanced production machines in the world. This not only gives us the flexibility to develop and qualify new ammunition, but also allows us to quickly go into full-scale production of high quality rounds.”
The new round incorporates a hardened steel tip, a longer bullet profile and upgraded propellant, all of which give it improved penetration through hardened targets and greater accuracy. In trials conducted at BAE System’s testing facilities, the rounds have been shown to approximately double the range of standard 7.62mm ‘Ball’ ammunition for defeating protection commonly used in light vehicles and aircraft.
To allow wider use of this enhanced ammunition, BAE Systems is also developing a reduced cost design – the 7.62mm Improved Ball round – which will still offer a significant improvement over standard ammunition.
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