The visit offered the Malaysian SMEs an opportunity to explore and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with their UK SME counterparts - across aerospace and high-end technology industries - and with BAE Systems.

Our visitors got a first-hand look at our world-class aerospace manufacturing facilities at Samlesbury and our final assembly and flight test facilities at Warton.

The group visited Kilgour Aerospace in Blackpool which has been involved in the aerospace industry since 1966 as part of the two day visit.  They also met with representatives of the North West Aerospace Alliance, the body set up to support UK businesses in the aerospace supply chain. 

Mark Kane, BAE Systems Managing Director – Combat Air said the visit would build on the success of the SMIDEX exhibition attended by UK companies in Malaysia earlier this year.

He said: “This visit will ensure that those SMEs already on the journey with us will continue to develop mutually beneficial relationships.  Malaysia is a capable, prosperous and flexible market in which to operate and the Malaysian government has outlined support and financial incentives for inward foreign investment.” 

Datuk Ir (Dr) Mohamed Al Amin Bin Haji Abdul Majid, Chairman – SME Corporation Malaysia said: “It is high time for our Malaysian SMEs to broaden their vision and tap global potential in a different industry. The familiarisation tour to the internationally recognised BAE Systems and others in UK helped our SMEs gain greater understanding of their business and instilled confidence in their ability to partner with global SMEs companies even from the sophisticated, high end technology of aerospace."