BAE Systems F-35 Night Vision Goggle Helmet Mounted Display with Q-SIGHT®

The NVG HMD will incorporate the latest Q-SIGHT™ waveguide display and feature detachable Night Vision Goggles for night operations. It will also incorporate an optical Head Tracking System for precise weapons delivery and carrier and land-based operations. The highly accurate optical head trackers allow the HMD to achieve traditional Head-Up Display (HUD) accuracies and Primary Flight Reference criteria.

BAE Systems will begin delivery of test assets in 2012 to support the F-35 development and integration laboratories, flight simulators, and flight-test platforms.

The F-35 JSF is revolutionising the way information is collected and presented to the pilot and the NVG HMD is planned to integrate with development work to date. The precise optics and head tracker combination enables F-35 weapons delivery, navigation, landing and aircraft management under all flight regimes. The HMD’s modular design will allow for a path to binocular visor-projected displays, alternate image sources and Night Vision Cameras, depending on customer requirements and program needs.

”BAE Systems Electronic Systems is proud to be a part of the Lockheed Martin team for the F-35 HMD,” said Jim Garceau, vice president and general manager of defence avionics for  BAE Systems. “The NVG HMD will enable all aspects of flight operations and it allows us to build on our long history of successful development programs with Lockheed Martin on the F-35, F-16 and F-22 programs.”

BAE Systems is a world leader in Helmet-Mounted Display Systems, a position gained through continuous investment in HMD technology and innovation. The company is proud to support the F-35 program with the next generation of Helmet Mounted Displays.

BAE Systems provides a range of display products including Q-SIGHT™ monocular helmets, binocular visor-projected helmets and digital HUDs.

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