Engineers from across BAE Systems, who work on the our world-leading aircraft and aerospace technology, will spend the next five days teaching and guiding students at a special workshop at Kuwait University.
The programme has been established by the British Council, alongside ourselves and Kuwait University, to promote the crucial STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths.
Andy Kendall, Campaign Delivery Director for Kuwait from BAE Systems said: “There is a world of fascinating careers which await young people today which are linked to these STEM subjects and being an engineer of a jet aircraft is just one of many opportunities out there.
“BAE Systems works continuously to promote STEM across the region through its work designing the next generation of aircraft, engineering submarines or even using virtual reality technology to help some of the world's top athletes.
“The relationship between the UK and Kuwait stretches back generations and BAE Systems is delighted to help inspire the young people who are the future of the nation.”
Our engineering teams, from our businesses in both the United Kingdom and the Middle East, will give the students an insight into the basics of flight, aerodynamics, and the forces which keep an aircraft airborne at supersonic speeds. The students will then put their learning into practice and build their own paper aircraft to test the theory. This activity will also allow the students to follow engineering principles and undertake other roles such as finance, project management and marketing. The students will then take up different roles within an engineering company to develop, test and sell their paper aircraft.

At the end of each workshop, the students will receive a tour of Kuwait University and learn about opportunities to further develop their skills in higher education.
The STEM workshop at Kuwait University follows a highly successful special lecture and Q and A session hosted by BAE Systems for Kuwait University students. The lecture looked at the disruptive technologies which are shaping the future of flight.
Our company spokespeople gave an insight about their engineering roles working alongside the Royal Saudi Air Force and the Royal Air Force of Oman in support of their Typhoon fleets.
Typhoon is the multi-role combat aircraft which is due to go in to service with the Kuwait Air Force in 2020.
BAE Systems has an office in the grounds of the UK Embassy in Kuwait as part of its commitment to deliver greater support across air, land, maritime and cyber domains, supporting existing products as well as delivering new capabilities.
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