Working closely with the Royal Air Force and weapons manufacturer Raytheon UK  we have completed a series of flight trials culminating in the successful release of two Paveway IV precision guided weapons simultaneously from a Typhoon aircraft.   This is the first multiple release of the Paveway IV from an RAF Typhoon to multiple targets.

The trials were conducted by a joint industry and RAF team from Typhoon aircraft BT017 equipped with the very latest Phase 1 Enhancements package (P1Eb).  P1E implements full air-to-surface capability onto the Typhoon Tranche 2 aircraft.  The trials demonstrated the full air-to-surface capability of the P1Eb product, with the Paveway IV weapon, including self-designation with laser guidance to the target and GPS-only guided releases. 

Steve Formoso, Typhoon Test Pilot said:  “What this trial has demonstrated is the ability of Typhoon armed with Paveway IV to attack multiple targets. The drop was part of a programme proving the latest P1Eb upgrade for the RAF Typhoon fleet.  P1Eb standard Typhoons can carry up to six Paveway IV weapons which can be released simultaneously against multiple targets.”

Sean Cutler, deputy head of FAST Capability Acquisition at the MOD's Defence Equipment and Support organisation, said: "P1Eb allows Typhoon to begin realising its air-to-ground capability using Paveway IV, while also delivering in the air-to-air arena. Our ability to switch between air-to-air and air-to-ground modes is a big step, providing flexibility for our pilots on operations. This is a key step to delivering capability for the UK's Interim Force 15."

The trials build on an earlier series of flight trials to fully exploit the Paveway IV weapon with the Typhoon aircraft, delivering an effective air-to-surface capability. 

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