Chris Allam, Engineering Director at BAE Systems Military Air and Information

Chris Allam, Engineering Director of our Military Air and Information business, said getting professionally registered would help engineering get greater recognition for its role in some of the world’s greatest innovations.

He spoke at a reception at the House of Commons to mark the tenth anniversary of professional registration for engineers, such as Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Engineering Technician (EngTech).

Keep Britain's infrastructure ticking over

Speaking after the event, Mr Allam said giving engineers such status would help to tackle the need to recruit two million new engineers by 2020 to keep Britain’s infrastructure ticking over.

He said “Professional registration is one way of boosting the status of engineers and celebrating the crucial and unique role they play in our everyday lives.

“The engine room that drives successful industry is its employees and better, more professional employees makes for a more successful industry.”

Professional registration plays a crucial role

The director, who has worked on a number of our major programmes including Typhoon fighter aircraft and unmanned technologies, said professional registration plays a crucial role in keeping UK engineering ahead of the competition.

He told the House of Commons reception how an engineering manager in his team had spoken of getting chartered engineer status as “closing the loop” on a 26-year career.

Mr Allam added: “What he meant was that by having a well-respected, professional institute confirm his competence and offer him support, he felt more professional.

“It means a great deal to industry and, if used wisely can motivate our engineers to continually improve and that will always be good for industry.”

Representing a benchmark

The House of Commons reception, hosted by Defence Equipment Minister Sir Peter Luff, marked a decade since the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC).

In 2013, the standard was reviewed by leading figures across the engineering industry to ensure its criteria matched the skills demanded today.

Sir Peter said: “What we now need is world-class registrants who proudly display their titles after their name and companies who recruit because they know titles such as EngTech and CEng represent a benchmark for the 21st Century skills they need to succeed.”