Typhoon on the Flightline

When the recently announced ‘Contract 1’ started to replace a number of legacy support contracts, the hope was that it would lead to a more agile way of delivering capability improvements. This philosophy is now being put into practice as one of our teams looks to further improve the Typhoon Engineering Support System which was delivered at the beginning of 2012.

The Engineering Support System is an electronic record system – it provides configuration assurance and is in effect a maintenance log for the Typhoon Fleet.  The system collects essential data from the aircraft, which once downloaded helps with the aircraft’s maintenance and availability programme.  We are now working on expanding the way the System is used.  A further upgrade in July will include more workstations at the main operating bases and one benefit will be that information can be managed even more effectively.  

The development of the Engineering Support System is far from over and the drumbeat of continuous improvements is set to continue in the months ahead.

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