Charlotte Tingley, Mechanical Engineer at BAE Systems Accepts IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Award

In support of apprenticeships, diversity and STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), Charlotte Tingley was interviewed by Laurette Zeimer of The Daily Mirror newspaper last month for a motivational case study on the rise of aspiring apprentices in the UK. The drive for innovation and entrepreneurial talent growth through apprenticeship schemes, such as provided by BAE Systems, has been steadily gaining momentum over recent years.

Zeimer’s profile on Charlotte was pitched as an exclusive feature and solo case study in the Jobs Section of The Daily Mirror last week with impressive photography to support the article. For this purpose, the newspaper especially commissioned a photographer to visit the aspiring ex-apprentice at her factory work environment in Rochester for a series of illuminating shots.

The case study focuses on Tingley’s meritable attributes as an apprentice as well as marking her progression within the company since completing her apprenticeship qualification in 2009. 

Today, Charlotte has a key role in the Eurofighter Typhoon programme production team working on BAE Systems Electronic Systems’ advanced fighter pilot helmet - widely regarded as the world’s best-in-class. Her highly technical job involves analysing data for corrective improvements.

"Apprenticeships, and women in science, engineering and technology are becoming such pertinent issues in the UK today, and in this respect, I am thrilled to be profiled in a leading UK national newspaper on such expansive topics," says Charlotte. "As a teenager, I was inspired by the problem solving nature of engineering, and, today, I hope my experience will continue to encourage more women to choose this career path in the future. Joining the apprentice programme in 2006, Electronic Systems has provided a great platform for me to access the proven benefits of apprenticeships and develop my career in an exciting industry.”

This year’s wave of publicity with a populist national newspaper builds on a series of targeted media engagements and coverage achieved in the last quarter when Charlotte won recognition for her achievements as an aspiring apprentice from the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) – a voice of technical authority for Britain’s engineering community. Charlotte’s selection into a top female talent pool of five finalists working in the British manufacturing field, and being presented with a special recognition prize by TV presenter Gaby Logan at a glittering awards ceremony at the London Savoy hotel last December, has led to her being profiled by the press, most notably by The Daily Mirror and The Guardian newspapers.

The increased level of external visibility on Charlotte achieved through various stakeholder routes, as well as the media, has provided a great platform to highlight some of Electronic Systems’ key capabilities as well as our entrepreneurial talent pool. The resulting coverage has come about through a strategic and targeted engagement with key external influencers. 

BAE Systems’ group-wide efforts in delivering innovative employee outreach and engagement solutions have assisted the company in advancing its gender equality and diversity footprint from ‘classroom to boardroom’ as well as across the company STEM workforce.

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