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That's the message Senior Flight Systems Engineer, Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee is keen to spread far and wide, so much so, she juggles a young family with work and volunteers as a STEM Ambassador.

Her Ambassador role sees her travel around schools and community events raising the profile of careers in engineering in a bid to help widen participation, diversity and inclusion in the industry.

She recently took part in several panel discussions at the Face of Engineering festival over in the North East, where discussions explored breaking down barriers and changing perceptions about who and what an engineer should look like.

Speech marks People are perhaps a little surprised when they see me and hear what I do because I probably don't fit the profile of an engineer that they might first think of and I love being able to go out and help change those preconceptions and talk about how exciting and diverse engineering really is."

Growing up in Liverpool, Krystina's family worked in health care, and like many families perhaps harboured dreams that one day she might follow in their footsteps; but whether it was down to a rebellious streak or pure passion, one thing was for certain, Krystina had other ideas.

"I think one of the biggest barriers is that it's not a career widely talked about, so parents and young people often don't really know what engineering is. My parents didn't actively encourage me to pursue an engineering career path, because they too didn't really understand what it was and I could quite easily have been put off.

"Research has shown that around 62% of 16-17 year olds don't think that they could succeed in STEM careers and that's what I want to help try and change. I want to show them it’s more diverse and attainable than they might realise and that actually, they could do really well."


Krystina holding her award certificate On Monday Krystina was recognised with a regional STEM UK Learning award, highly commending her 'Outstanding Contribution to Widening Participation, Diversity and Inclusion in STEM.' Of her award win Krystina added;

"I'm really honoured to have received this award and want to thank everyone at Merseyside STEM Ambassador hub for the nomination. I love what I do and being in a position where I can not only share my passion for engineering but hopefully help pass it on and inspire others is really fulfilling."

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