Shared Services employees talk mental health
The theme for the 2018 Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘Stress: are we coping?’ Research has shown that 16 million people experience a mental health problem each year, and stress is a key factor in this.
To recognise the importance of the subject, the Shared Services management team agreed that the entire business would stop their daily work for one hour to have an open and honest discussion about mental health in the workplace. 
Teams from across the business gathered in groups to discuss how to improve the workplace environment through behaviours and actions to help reduce stress. Shared Services have over 1400 employees, located in 32 UK and overseas locations.
Steve Fogg, Managing Director of BAE Systems Shared Services, said: “With mental health problems costing the UK economy billions of pounds each year, it is important that we play our part in creating the environment to be able to talk about mental health and to facilitate these conversations. Our people are our biggest asset so creating a positive environment in which mental health is no longer a taboo subject is extremely important if we want employees to get the help they need, when they need it, without fear of being stigmatised.
“All employees have had the opportunity to attend a Mental Health Awareness event and the feedback from these sessions has been extremely positive, with many people expressing how important this subject is to them. I hope that by giving employees an opportunity to take an hour out of their daily work to talk about mental health will spark a debate about how we can continue to support a positive attitude to mental health.”
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