Apprentice careers take off

David Ashton, Head of Aircraft Maintenance Services opens the event
Gold medals galore and, closer to home, over 30 apprentices received certificates marking the completion of their apprenticeship scheme at our training facility at Robin Hood airport, Doncaster – on National Yorkshire day too!

The apprentices lined up proudly beside the last remaining Vulcan bomber to shake hands with Martin Blaze, Aircraft Maintenance and Support Director and Group Captain Jamie Johnston as they received their certificates.

Closing the event Group Captain Jamie Johnston, responsible for apprenticeship training within the customer organisation congratulated the apprentices and offered some words of wisdom which in summary reminded everyone at the event of some key points:

Excellence :
Recognition of the commitment and achievements of the apprentices

It’s just the beginning :
Whilst the event marks the end of each apprentices training it is, more importantly, just the beginning of something.  A new career which both the company and the RAF deem fundamental to getting aircraft to the right place at the right time. 

Safety first:
Being good at your job isn’t just about technical skills.  It’s about attitude and a safety first culture is important.  It’s important that we (BAE Systems and the RAF) continue to share that view and attitude.