Jenny Body, RAeS President, Steve Hodge and Prof. Ieuan Owen (co-author from the University of Liverpool)

The award was for the best written paper in the Aeronautical Journal for 2012.

The paper

The 30 page paper presented highlights from research conducted in partnership with the University of Liverpool to determine suitable fidelity criteria and guidelines for the modelling and simulation of the helicopter-ship dynamic interface environment.  The paper formed part of Steve’s PhD thesis and it came as a complete surprise to Steve when a letter landed on his doormat to say he’d been recognised with a prestigious gold award. 

Words from Steve

Steve said “I was shocked when I received the letter. You don’t think about winning an award when you’re writing your paper as it’s just part of your research programme.  To be recognised in this way, especially considering that the award normally goes to very experienced academics who regularly publish papers and write about theoretical advances in aerospace technology.  This particular paper was written on the back of practical research and experimentation with test pilots in a flight simulator.  It’s a real honour to be recognised by the RAeS for my work.”

Here is a link to the winning paper

Further research

Steve and the team will continue to undertake further research in this field in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, through a match funded industrial Case award designed to encourage students to consider studying to PhD level in an area of research relevant to UK industry.