Mike Hammond, chief executive of the Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital Birmingham charity, (third from left) is presented with a Chairman's Award by the Bedflex team.

Mike Hammond, chief executive of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) Charity, hailed the “dedication and hard work” of the team behind the Bedflex project.

A wonderful example

They picked up the Chairman’s Gold Award, the company’s top award, for their efforts and presented the hospital boss with his trophy in recognition of his leading role.

Mr Hammond accepted the award at the opening of Fisher House, a charity-funded ‘home from home’ for military patients and their families which is a short walk from the hospital.

He said: “Bedflex is a wonderful example of how a simple idea can lead to something that can make a massive impact on people’s everyday lives.

For our military patients, being able to exercise and continue their rehabilitation away from the supervision of a physiotherapist in the hospital gym, has proven to be something that has increased motivation and enhanced recovery.

Dedication and hard work

“I’ve been so impressed with the dedication and hard work put in by the BAE Apprentice team, who have spent time alongside our patients and staff determining how Bedflex can best support the rehabilitation programme.

“Their innovation and desire to succeed has been clear from day one, and they thoroughly deserve the Chairman’s Gold Award for their work.”

Critical care

Bedflex is used to help recovering amputees and critical care patients take part in bed-based exercise to aid rehabilitation.

Team leader Sean Gallagher, now a member of our quality team at our Warton site, was part of the team which presented the prize.

He said: “Mike wasn’t able to join us when we went to Washington to pick up our Gold Award, but we wanted to thank him for his support.

“We visited the hospital on a number of occasions and seeing how we could support our injured personnel was the inspiration which drove us.

“The partnership we built up with Mike and the team at the hospital was fantastic and the fact we are still talking today about taking Bedflex forward is testament to that.”