Sustainable electric solutions

We are driving the development of sustainable electric solutions in the defence and commercial sector. We are working with our customers, suppliers, SMEs, educational and research institutions, to innovate and reduce emissions.


We have more than 25 years of expertise in developing and integrating electric propulsion systems for buses, including battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell technology, with more than 15,000 systems in service around the world. Our systems are platform agnostic and we’ve incorporated the use of our electric solutions into boats, heavy-duty trucks and military vehicles. We’re pairing our expertise in flight controls with our energy management systems, investing in the development of highly reliable, flight and safety critical systems that will enable the future of hybrid and all-electric aircraft. Our new technologies will have applications including air transport, regional and business jet and advanced air mobility.
Collaboration with GE Aviation to provide energy management solutions for NASA’s hybrid electric aircraft technology demonstrator.
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Partnership with Meritor to look at solutions for the heavy duty industrial and defence vehicle markets.
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Partnership with Plug Power to collaborate on hydrogen powered solutions for electric buses.
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Collaborating with the U.S. Army to integrate a hybrid electric drive system on to a Bradley fighting vehicle.
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In the civil aviation market, we are working with called Jaunt Air Mobility to look at energy management systems for urban air mobility platforms. 
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Our systems in action

We have multiple contracts to deliver low and zero emission power and propulsion systems, including:


Within our Air sector, we are exploring, developing and investing in electric product capabilities which could provide solutions for our military customers. We are bringing our extensive expertise in the design, engineering and systems integration of military aircraft together with industry leaders in electric aircraft to accelerate the pace of innovation to meet our defence customers’ net zero ambitions.

We anticipate that these electric products could provide sustainable solutions to perform roles such as ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore movements to support military and security operations, logistics and personnel transportation, surveillance and reconnaissance, disaster relief and humanitarian response and training.


Electrifying Tempest

How do you power a future combat aircraft, when energy demands of the systems aboard are constantly increasing, but the need for efficiency and sustainability has become a global priority? This is the challenge facing Team Tempest, whose members have a once in a generation opportunity to design a future combat air capability from the ground up, utilising not only today’s technologies but those we expect to see decades from now.
Electrifying Tempest with industrial partnerships

Red & White Fleet's Enhy...

Red & White Fleet has a vision to decrease our global footprint using zero-emission technology, the launch of the Enhydra is the first step.

Get to zero™

The demand for low and no emission vehicles continue to rise as air quality and global warming remain high on the global agenda. BAE Systems is helping transit operators get to zero emissions at their pace with a breadth of low and zero emission solutions.

Touring Power and Propulsion Sol...

BAE Systems has been driving down emissions for 25 years in the transportation sector. More than 14,000 of our electric drive systems are powering buses around the globe and helping eliminate harmful emissions.

Zero Emission Transit Solutions

Our electric drive systems powering battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell buses are making an impact with more than 10 million on-road miles.