Giving military ground vehicles high-energy electric power application where it's needed.

Power Management Systems for Ground Vehicles

Our Power Management Systems optimize mechanical and electrical power in ground vehicles to give military networks customized, high-energy capabilities for use in C4ISR capabilities, autonomous systems, active protection systems (APS), directed energy weapons (DEW), "stealth" electric propulsion drivetrains, and more.

Effective power management for today's military vehicles is critical. Modern operations in the battle space require highly sophisticated, power-hungry electronic mission packages, especially those that support C4ISR and network-centric operations. These demands are ever-increasing and affect every platform. Compounding the need are traditional mechanical auxiliary subsystems, whose uncoordinated and continuous operations are inherently inefficient, including the need to exhaust their waste heat through already overtaxed cooling systems.

Intelligent power management

Our power management capabilities address today's high demands very efficiently, starting in each platform's system architecture. Each combat platform has a unique need for electrical power generation, distribution, conversion, and storage. Electrical load requirements vary within each platform to support each vehicle's specific mission equipment and operating mode. Plus, mechanical accessory packages are used differently on each platform. BAE Systems offers integrated control of power from varied sources via modular power management systems that optimize our customers' logistical and provisioning requirements effectively. Addressing the system in full and optimizing the levels of integration ensures that energy loss and inefficiency are minimized. And controlling all loads centrally reduces overall cost, weight, and volume of the platform.

Adaptive thinking for an operational edge

Given the escalating interest in high-energy battle ready capabilities, BAE Systems designs power management systems with a flexible expectation of varied power demands across the full range of combat platforms. Beginning with a clear picture of each platform's power flow, load requirements, and mission priorities, controllers are designed to process input from various sensors throughout the vehicle and route power to meet the vehicle's requirements. For example, power is adapted to flow differently during acceleration, road march, attack/defend mode, and braking. Power can even be provided from an energy storage system to operate in pure electric, engine-off “stealth” mode to reduce the vehicle's noise signature. BAE Systems' adaptive power management systems allow vehicles to switch between modes seamlessly, delivering power where it's needed most to maximize mission effectiveness with operational efficiency.

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