We pride ourselves in having a positive social impact on every community that we’re a part of.

One of the ways in which we do this is through our Community Investment activities.


Delivering sustainable change through partnership

We listen to the needs of our local communities and partner charities to understand where we can add value and help them deliver long-term impact, whilst ensuring it has meaning for our employees and our business.
Through our big and small actions, alongside the skill and passion of our talented people, we’re committed to making a difference in areas that are aligned to our business and values: 
-    Serving and supporting the Armed Forces and their families
-    Enhancing skills and STEM education
-    Supporting the people in our local communities
-    Preserving the nation’s heritage 

Community investment
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Inspiring young people

We recognise the importance of education and skills development in empowering individuals from all backgrounds to access quality education, as well as opportunities that will advance their development.
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Supporting our local communities

Wherever we do business we’re committed to help build stronger communities by donating our time, funds and resources, because collectively our actions can generate a lasting positive impact for those who need it most.
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Supporting our Armed Forces

We have the privilege of knowing that the work we do every day really matters and that our customers - past and present - rely on us to protect, equip and support them whether that’s on the battlefield, or at home.
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Community features

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Our contribution

We contribute in the form of financial donations or sponsorship, in-kind support, employee payroll giving, volunteering and fundraising.
Globally we contributed more than £11.5m during 2022 to local, national and international charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Defining our impact

We use the B4SI Framework methodology to define the value of our support and its impact on our community partners, in comparison with our peers and other organisations. Our reporting data is externally assured every year, and all community investment related expenditure and any associated employee fundraising are reported through an online system and validated by an external assurance provider.
As of 2021, BAE Systems received an MSCI ESG Rating of AA. | MSCI Disclaimer