Our Board Environmental, Social and Governance Committee provides oversight of the Company’s agenda and progress, including approving ESG-related objectives and targets which form part of executive incentives. To support this, they hear from both senior management and the Company’s subject matter experts. The Environmental, Social and Governance Committee routinely reviews data and participates in site visits and virtual meetings to engage with employees and hear their views. This feedback is an important element as it gives the Committee the chance to reflect employee perspectives into boardroom discussions.
During 2021, both safety and diversity were set as qualifiers to the overall award of the non-financial element of the executive bonus. In other words, good performance in both of these areas is expected rather than rewarded. Other elements specifically set within the non-financial element of the executive objectives are related to employee engagement, delivery of the next phase of the net zero plan and driving an inclusive culture.
The sectors address customer requirements taking into account our ESG principles and uphold our Code of Conduct with employees, partners and suppliers. Sector progress against our sustainability agenda is regularly reviewed via our Quarterly Business Reviews and CEO Business Reviews.
Cross-functional and cross-sector steering groups provide oversight and assurance and our operational assurance framework and Internal Audit confirm compliance with policies and processes.

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