Cybersecurity products

Raising the bar in cross domain solutions for secure data sharing at all classification levels.

XTS® Guard 7

With our long-standing track record of securing sensitive data, the XTS Guard 7 is BAE Systems’ most advanced multi-directional guard exceeding today’s NSA security requirements.
XTS® Guard 7 is a high assurance cross-domain solution (CDS) that enables secure sharing between networks of various security classifications and enclaves. With hundreds of deployments, XTS Guard has a long track record securing sensitive data for the DoD, IC, Coalition Partners, and foreign military worldwide.

Our latest generation of XTS Guard is Raise the Bar-compliant. It provides Secure File Transfer (SFTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Data Synch Guard protocol (DSG), User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP/s).

XTS Guard 7 provides all of the functionality of legacy solutions, but with many improvements:

  • Meets all NSA and NCDSMO Raise-The-Bar (RTB) cyber security requirements
  • Variable size, weight and power (SWaP), enterprise, and singular multi-hop chassis available
  • Redundant native filters for anti-virus and XML
  • New architecture that supports multi-enclave and multi-compartment controlled information sharing
  • Advanced administration and auditing
  • Simple application program interface developed to enable the simple plug-in of numerous content filters
  • A robust suite of modules. Requirements change constantly, so XTS Guard 7 is designed to support the simple add-on of modules as missions require

XTS Enterprise Guard 7

Supporting up to 22 enclaves, XTS Enterprise Guard is the key component to secure information sharing within government agencies, military frameworks, and Intelligence agencies. Built to support the simple plug-in of leading content filters, organizations and agencies need not worry about compatibility issues. With XTS Enterprise Guard 7, a wide variety of data types can be shared all on one machine – chat, XML, ISR imagery, and more – while connecting differing levels of classification.

XTS Tactical Guard 7

For use in tactical environments, XTS Tactical Guard offers all the CDS capabilities of XTS Enterprise Guard, only “ruggedized” to endure harsh conditions. CDs and USB devices are easy data breach targets in the field, but XTS Tactical Guard lets operators quickly access and send mission-critical data securely. Our flexible hardware options support tactical deployments aboard airframes and other land, sea, and air based applications requiring minimal SWaP. Features include:

  • RTB-compliant pipeline guard
  • Uses the same code base as XTS Enterprise Guard
  • Good for situations where datatypes are constrained by environment/program
  • Low latency
  • Scales down (preconfigured data types and path)

Our cyber security support and services

BAE Systems provides world-class technical support and professional services to assist with deploying, administering, and troubleshooting our entire cyber security portfolio, including XTS Guard 7 products. Our technical support and professional services team is comprised of high-level engineers with years of experience working with our cyber security product lineup. Our support and training services include:

24x7 Technical Support provided on all BAE Systems cyber security products via phone and email, and is available through purchase of maintenance plans.

Training including instructor-led formal and informal courses, available both at your site and at BAE Systems’ acclaimed Reston, VA training facility. It allows you to quickly benefit from the power of our cross-domain, multi-level security solutions and deep content inspection capabilities.

Installation & configuration services such as conducting site surveys, delivery to user sites, and oversight of hardware installation, testing, and acceptance at a user site.

Rapid prototyping & custom development need fast delivery of a custom capability or special filters for rare file types? We offer prototyping, software development, and ruggedized hardware analysis and testing services to meet your mission.

Certification & accreditation

BAE Systems offers certification and accreditation documentation and services to deliver the expertise you need to achieve NCDSMO compliance.

Learn more. Download the XTS® Guard 7 data sheet, or contact our Electronic Systems business representative to arrange a meeting.