The EAL 4+ FIPS 140-2 rated, high assurance, general purpose OS is available for third-party developers to run applications on.

Greater security and ruggedness, with lower development costs.

STOP is a high assurance operating system, designed from the ground up with security as its core focus. Field proven, developers choose STOP to differentiate their products in today’s competitive market.

STOP protects the world’s most valuable information. STOP is used extensively by the JSF Program, multiple DoD and IC agencies, Department of State, FBI, within the nation’s critical infrastructure, and by Five Eyes partners.

STOP is the only general purpose operating system built from the ground up with security as its core focus. It is the secure foundation for XTS Guard 5 and is now also available to third party application developers.

The new STOP is not only secure but rugged, capable of years of continuous uptime. It features general performance parity with commodity operating systems like Linux® and Windows®, while uniquely providing stronger security that is “baked in” rather than “bolted on.” Also, STOP is regularly superior to Real Time Operating Systems proposed for information security applications as it is frequently less costly, more secure, and more flexible.

Go-to-Market: STOP is integral to BAE Systems XTS Guard 5 cross domain solutions, and is available as a stand-alone OEM product to government and commercial customers, and third-party application developers.

Export Control: EAR, not ITAR, controlled; widely exportable. 

Pricing: Trials are free. Both perpetual and leased licenses available. Flexible options exist for OEM partners: license model includes SDK license and runtime licenses.