Small Adaptable Form Factor Modular Data Link Set

Small Adaptable Form Factor (SAFF) Modular Data Link Set (MDLS)
Recognising the impact of Size, Weight and Power restrictions, BAE Systems have injected miniaturisation into Tactical Data Link technology and created the Small Adaptable Form Factor Modular Data Link Set.

In modern warfare understanding the location of both friendly and enemy platforms isn’t just useful, it’s vital. Because it helps inform the crucial decisions that ultimately contribute to the successful outcome of operations.

That’s why all coalition platforms, large and small, have to be able to share the same situational awareness TDL (Tactical Data Link) picture.

SAFF MDLS (Modular Data Link Set) helps make that happen. It’s a combined Link 16 radio and DLP (Data Link Processor) that allows all platforms, across the entire military spectrum, to benefit from accessing one of the most widely used TDL networks in operation today.

At half the size and a third of the weight of traditional power hungry radios and processors, SAFF-MDLS is specifically designed to meet the stringent Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) requirements of ground tactical vehicles, unmanned air vehicle and maritime and airborne platforms.

It brings the tactical advantages of improved situational awareness, increased force effectiveness, and secure jam-resistant communications to every platform, whether large or small.


• Breaks traditional Size, Weight and Power (SWAP) restrictions providing access to TDL networks from the smallest platforms, UAVs and troops on the ground
• Enables the use of TDLs where space, performance or cost previously precluded its use
• Integrates with the Command and Control capabilities of a platform to enhance situational awareness through a common operating picture
• Complements and supports the sharing of digital information in the Joint Combined Environments