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Integrating mission insights, A.I., and an innovative mix of datasets to visualize more tactical options

Multi-Int Signal Processing R&D

We use algorithms and signal processing with massive sensor data to give the U.S. military new mission insights and opportunities.
We create signal processing and machine learning algorithms that leverage masses of often underused sensor data to give warfighters and analysts new insights, options, and opportunities for mission success.

In harsh theaters of battle and other challenging environments, electronic sensors that decision-makers depend on for signals intelligence can fail, be blocked, or may not be present. That can leave forces unable to detect threats, protect assets, or see and evaluate opportunities to advance the mission. But our FAST Labs™ Multi-Int Signal Processing R&D team overcomes those obstacles in nearly every environment for use across all platforms.

These professionals create algorithms for signal processing and machine learning that produce adaptive, intelligent processing using massive volumes of geospatial signals intelligence from multiple domains to detect, track, map, and predict behaviors in various contexts. This gives decision-makers better situational awareness, positioning, communications, counter-measures, targeting, and other response options – on land, at sea, under water, in the air, and in space.

Focus areas of Multi-Int Signal Processing R&D

Signal detection, estimation, and parameter measurement

This area of focus involves creating algorithms to find, measure, and exploit geospatial signals intelligence from a full complement of sensory sources – acoustic, radar, communications, navigation, and optical. These algorithms are also capable of identifying the origins of those signals, to enable their potential use, pursuit, containment, or elimination.

Adaptive and cognitive signal processing

The Multi-Int Signal Processing R&D team equips communications systems, electronic warfare systems, and other adaptive decision logic and action capabilities in unknown, dynamic, and challenging threat environments. Our R&D capabilities in this area include:

  • Spectrum mapping and threat behavior characterization for radar and communications
  • Operation against agile and unknown threats
  • Real-time response optimization for electronic support, electronic attack, and electronic protection
  • Operation in cluttered and contested environments
  • Advanced electronic warfare (EW) techniques

Technology collaboration

The Multi-Int Signal Processing R&D group welcomes collaboration with industry and academia on current or future projects. If you are interested in learning more or participating with our team, contact us here.

Life at BAE Systems

If you want a challenging and rewarding career using your expansive mathematics, engineering, and scientific knowledge, the FAST Labs Multi-Int Signal Processing R&D unit is a great place to work. We solve complex problems while helping protect those who protect us all. And you would be working with very intelligent, talented people in a diverse and inclusive – sometimes competitive – atmosphere.

If you are interested in BAE Systems, whether you are an experienced pro or a talented college senior or grad student with a science, engineering, math, or physics degree, click here.


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FAST Labs™ Advanced Technology and Defense R&D

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