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Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP) ™

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GXP enables development of advanced geospatial intelligence through an unrivaled capacity for the discovery, exploitation, and dissemination of mission-critical geospatial data.

Offering industry-leading geospatial intelligence and MOVINT solutions including licensed software and professional services, Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP®5) delivers advanced data management, image exploitation, tracking analytics, geospatial production, and intelligence reporting. From key military, security, and public safety operations, to an expanding base of commercial development and research initiatives, software solutions powered by the GXP Platform optimize workflows and enable timely and effective decision-making.

Learn more about the GXP products:

  • GXP Platform - Providing the foundation for development of the most advanced geospatial intelligence, the GXP Platform delivers an unrivaled capacity for discovery, visualization, and exploitation of mission
  • SOCET GXP - An advanced geospatial intelligence software solution that utilizes imagery from satellite and aerial sources to identify, analyze, and extract ground features, allowing for rapid product creation
  • GXP InMotion - A streamlined video analysis suite with a powerful set of tools designed for everything from simple viewing and screen capture to full video editing
  • GXP OnScene - A mobile application delivering real-time location of field personal and Common Response Graphics (CRGs) to enhance operational visibility for both incident command and first responders
  • GXP Xplorer - A revolutionary data management solution that makes it easy to rapidly locate, retrieve, and share geospatial data
  • GXP WebView - An efficient Electronic Light Table (ELT) allowing users to view, measure, annotate, and disseminate geospatial data directly from a Web browser
  • MOVINT Solutions - A suite of multi-source video and analytic ISR solutions that enable automated processing of video and motion imagery while delivering real‑time intelligence on movers (vehicles and people)

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