Understanding the whole picture
CADS (Centralised Aviation Data Service) is a secure, and collaborative, advisory web based flight planning service that reduces the risk of collision with other aircraft and physical hazards such as overhead wires in uncontrolled airspace.

Aircraft and their crews flying in uncontrolled airspace can now share information about hazards and flight paths more quickly and more accurately than was previously possible thanks to CADS.  The new web-based tool enables flight planners to quickly and accurately share and update information with their peers in real time, saving vital time and administration for military flight crews.

CADS is a game changer. Aircrew can readily share hazardous wires and obstructions information so that local knowledge can benefit all, irrespective of base location, potentially saving lives in the process.

CADS works across a variety of regions, aircraft types, and disparate air stations via the web.  Planners can instantly see hazards, other aircraft, formation intentions and flying activities and plot their missions accordingly. Pilot “lookout” is more focused with re-planning, delays and avoiding potential conflicts managed in consultation with other aircrews. Teams can plan to deconflict from the outset.

Complete with embedded training, links to different mission planning and situational awareness systems, CADS is helping personnel within the UK MoD where it is operational within one of the busiest low flying areas in the UK.  Like many of the best ideas, it’s a simple solution to a serious problem.