Electronic Warfare Test Facility

Electronic Warfare Test
By simulating a virtual battlefield our Electronic Warfare Test Facility is able to test a platform or vehicle's ability to send and receive information.

We set the bar incredibly high when it comes to product testing. That’s why we have developed the spectacular Electronic Warfare Test Facility.

Known in-house as the Blue Room, it’s one of the largest and most sophisticated and technologically advanced test facilities of its type on the planet.

At the heart of the facility is a unique extensive electromagnetically-shielded room where platforms or vehicles from land, sea or air can be tested for their ability to send and receive information. In essence we’ve created a virtual battlefield that is capable of bombarding radio, microwave and radar signals at our target.

A huge number of microwave antennas are used to transmit information to and from the platform or vehicle, which gives the chamber the appearance of a set from a Hollywood science fiction blockbuster.

But the tests our engineers and scientists carry out are very much science fact. Stealth attributes, on board systems and even the ability to withstand lighting strikes are all put to the test in an ultra-secure environment. The chamber is able to kill all external ‘noise’ so that countless tests can be carried out.