Ethics and anti-corruption

BAE Systems has a zero-tolerance policy regarding corruption in all its forms.  
Our Ethics Programme Video
Our anti-corruption programme guides and supports our employees in making responsible decisions. It also helps employees understand what is expected of them and creates an environment in which employees feel they can ask questions and raise issues and concerns.  Our programme is embedded through our key global policies and processes including thorough due diligence programmes. The programme receives both internal and external oversight and assurance. We drive improvements in the programme annually to ensure it continues to meet best practice.
We provide thorough training for employees that includes scenario-based discussions of possible situations in the workplace.  We have a network of ethics officers providing advice and support when needed to employees with questions or concerns, and a helpline should they wish to report a concern anonymously.  The awareness raising provided by these ethics officers also helps to bring ethics considerations to front of mind for all of those making business decisions. The behaviour of our suppliers is of prime importance too. Our Supplier Principles – Guidance for Responsible Business outlines a set of 'best practice' expectations for our suppliers and gives them the opportunity to make use of our Ethics Helpline.  
It’s essential that support from our leadership is visible and consistent.  Our Board CR Committee oversees this area, with the Chief Executive receiving a quarterly report on ethical conduct. The Executive Committee receives a dashboard to review ethical performance and business leads receive details of ethical issues at a more granular level. 
Our senior leaders receive regular information on ethical conduct. Our Chief Executive receives a top-level review of key risks and forthcoming bids and events, the Executive Committee and Line Leaders review an ethics dashboard showing case data and business leaders receive information showing the number of ethics cases within their business and a heat map of where issues lie.

Senior Support

Our Chief Executive is supported by the Group General Counsel and the Group Director Governance, Conduct & Sustainability and their respective teams in upholding the standards set out within our anti-corruption programme and the Code of Conduct. They also advise on strategy and direction and liaise with the businesses teams to ensure delivery.

Any form of bribery and corruption are prohibited at BAE Systems; in all countries, for all employees, advisers, controlled joint ventures and other third parties.  Integrity in all business dealings is part of our company culture.