Our partnership with Recruit for Spouses
The partnership between RFS and BAE Systems is pioneering the way that military spouses find employment – engaging mentors and coaches from all levels across the company to help spouses succeed in career planning. It was important that we partnered with an organisation that understands the unique challenges military spouses face when looking for employment. Many of our spouses have had a professional career and the BAE Systems coaching and mentoring programme is unique in that the coaches are tuned into understanding and supporting the military lifestyle. We are extremely proud of our relationship with BAE Systems and delighted to grow this partnership even further. Heledd Kendrick, CEO
We’ve supported the RFS coaching programme since its inception, providing funding and encouraging employees to give their time and experience as volunteer coaches and mentors. We’re now extending our support to help RFS expand its Career Academy, which helps to prepare spouses for their journey back into work by providing tools such as CV workshops, interview techniques and coaching and mentoring. 
In 2017, I started volunteering as a professional coach, supporting spouses of military personnel looking to get back into or start a career. To date, everyone I have coached has found their career or enhanced the one they currently have. It has been an extremely amazing experience and an absolute privilege to work with spouses and the team at RFS. Martyn Shaw, BAE Systems coach
It can be difficult for Military spouses and partners to find suitable employment, and they often face disadvantage in the job market due to a varied career history and employers’ lack of awareness. With a mission to support the communities surrounding our armed forces, RFS has been working since 2011 to help boost confidence, return talent to the workplace and assist military spouses into work.
My coach has helped me overcome my own doubts about my abilities and enabled me to see that I can achieve anything and I am so much more than what I thought I was capable of. Equally the confidence she has inspired within me, has enabled me to re-evaluate how I tackle tasks and issues in my personal life which overall has helped me become a happier person. Before I met my coach, I will openly admit that I was not in a good place and thanks to her help, the encouragement from Angela on the RFS team and personal therapy I have grown as a person and shed the misinformed belief I had about myself. Military spouse
Coaching had never been something I had considered, and it wasn't until I applied for the RFS Digital Marketing Course that it was suggested that coaching may help me take the next step of setting up my own company. Help it most certainly did, and with my coaches help, I have addressed a lot of things around confidence and change. I cannot thank the coach enough for his patience and probing, because without it I am not sure I would have had the confidence I now have. Military spouse

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