Committed to the
Armed Forces Covenant

We have a proud history of supporting our armed forces – it lies at the very heart of what we do. In 2013, we were the first Defence Company to sign up to the UK Armed Forces Covenant, cementing our commitment to supporting those who serve, have served and their families. 

A pledge that together we acknowledge and understand that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve with their lives.

UK Ministry of Defence (MoD)


Image of Armed Forces Covenant Gold Award MoD Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award winners

We were one of the first six winners of the MoD Employer Recognition Scheme
Gold Award, by which the Defence Relationship Management team recognise an organisation’s commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant. 
We have held this status continuously since the Scheme began in July 2014.  


Our commitments

In 2015, we re-signed the Covenant with an increased number of commitments.  
  • Promote BAE Systems as Armed Forces friendly
  • Recognise the skills and experience of Service Leavers and Veterans
  • Promote and provide employment opportunities for Service spouses and partners
  • Enable Reservist employees to maintain training commitments
  • Commit to host Reserve recruiting teams at appropriate sites and venues
  • Adopt a sympathetic and flexible approach to requests for leave from Service spouses
  • Promote Armed Forces Day and Reserves Day
  • Encourage employees to volunteer and raise funds for Armed Forces charities 
  • Support Cadet Forces
  • Support rehabilitation of wounded, injured and sick Service personnel
  • Regularly review progress against these commitments
  • Publicise these commitments and invite feedback from the Service community and customers

Here are some of the ways we are delivering on our commitments


Developing skills and employment opportunities
We work with the Careers Transition Partnership to promote our vacancies to ex-service people looking to find a new civilian career.  As well as this, we partner with Recruit for Spouses and provide funding and mentoring to help bridge the gap between employers and military spouses. 
Special paid leave
We provide paid time off to support employees who are reservists, military families and adult Cadet Force volunteers. For example, we offer 10 days special paid leave for annual training and matched (one day for each one day of annual leave taken) after that.  We also give a day of special paid leave in the event that a family member gets mobilised.
Supporting Armed Forces Charities
In 2019, we contributed £4.4m globally to Armed Forces charitable organisations and we have long standing partnerships with charities such as SSAFA, Combat Stress, ABF The Soldier’s Charity, the RAF Benevolent Fund and the Royal Naval and Royal Marines Charity. Many of our activities support the rehabilitation of wounded, injured and sick Service personnel such as our sponsorship of Invictus UK and our support to the Open University’s Disabled Veterans’ Scholarship Fund
Promoting Armed Forces Day and Reserves Day 
Every year, we sponsor the National Armed Forces Day event and we run our internal “Proud to Support Week” campaign which takes place in the run up to Armed Forces Day.  During this week, we encourage our employees to volunteer and raise funds for Armed Forces charities. The week also includes “Reserves Day” where we celebrate the contribution made by reservists to the armed forces and our employee reservists can wear their uniforms to work.