National Apprentice Week 2018

5 - 10 March
It’s National Apprentice Week this week, the annual campaign that brings together employers from across the country to celebrate the success of apprenticeships. This year’s focus is on demonstrating how apprentices work to the benefit of lots of different people – not just apprentices themselves. 

We have a long tradition of apprenticeships and are among the largest employers of apprenticeships in the UK. Our 2000 (UK) apprentices currently in training make up 6% of our UK workforce and are one of our pipelines of talent to help us meet the future engineering, technology and business skills we need to compete effectively. Each day we’ll look at a different way apprenticeships deliver benefit to individuals, our business, our communities and to creating better diversity and inclusivity.

Apprenticeships work in every area and for every business unit – Friday 9 March

As National Apprentice Week concludes, we’re celebrating our class of 2017.  We’ve seen some fantastic academic results, and our overall success rate was 95%. The vast majority of apprentices who completed their studies have gone straight into roles within the company and feedback suggestions they were happy with their apprenticeship experience. Our case studies today are all taken from this year’s BAE Systems Apprentice Awards
A celebration of last year’s apprentice results...
  • 306 Apprentices completed Advanced Level Apprenticeships
  • 20 Apprentices completed Intermediate level Apprenticeships
  • 54 Apprentices completed a Higher (degree) Apprenticeship
  • 67% of our Higher Apprentices achieved a first class honours degree
  • 100%  went into employment with BAE Systems

Apprenticeships work to create a more diverse workforce – Thursday 8 March

Apprenticeships have worked for us to help create a more diverse workplace that is more representative of UK’s society, with wider experiences, opinions and ideas that is more creative, more challenging and therefore more likely to help innovate competitive advantage.  It’s also International Women’s Day and our case studies will come from female apprentices who show how apprenticeships are helping us to create a more diverse workforce.



Apprenticeships work for our communities - Wednesday 7 March

Our apprenticeships also work for our communities in many different ways: From charity challenges or local community projects; to promoting wider economic benefit and social mobility. Our case studies will show how our wider communities benefit from our £90M investment in skills and early careers.

Apprenticeships work for our business - Tuesday 6 March

National Apprenticeship Week 2018  - Caroline Clucas Apprenticeships work for our business by helping us to train and develop people to help us meet the future engineering, technology and business skills we need to compete effectively.
Our apprentices are truly inspiring. Their hard work, energy and passion ensures that our business has the right capability and diverse talent to deliver our future success.

Caroline Clucas. Head of Early Careers and Skills. Naval Ships

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Apprenticeships work for our apprentices – Monday 5 March

We’ll be celebrating all the reasons why apprentices benefit from the major investment we make in them - qualifications, salary, training, mentoring support and meaningful jobs and onward opportunities.  Our case studies will show how our apprentices themselves think that apprenticeships #worksforme