It demonstrates how the technologies developed in the Factory create a step change in design and manufacturing capability to deliver Tempest, the UKs next generation combat aircraft in half the time of previous programmes.
A4D at Farnborough Air show
The multi-million pound factory has been used to rapidly trial and test new technologies in a flexible, adaptable and digitally enabled environment.  Systems move and adapt to meet the requirement, with room to evolve the design or change the product in the process.

A collaborative approach 

More than 50 suppliers have collaborated on the project, bringing unparalleled pace and new technologies in the process. From SMEs specialising in data management to university research centres, engineers have adopted a best athlete approach – bringing the right technologies and skills together from the defence sector and beyond in order to find new ways of meeting the challenges of producing military aircraft.   

Increased levels of accuracy in build, less waste and better exploitation of a digital environment also help support the Company’s commitment to deliver Net Zero across its operations by 2030.  

Space and beyond…

The techniques founded in the Factory have the potential to be used in other sectors, particularly those with complex and high precision needs such as the space sector. 
A4D infographic

Rapid Technology Demonstrator for Combat Aircraft Manufacturing

Designed and developed in a first-of-its-kind Factory, the representative fast jet Designed and developed in a first-of-its-kind Factory, the representative fast jet a digitally connected environment, developed in collaboration with more than 50 suppliers and partners.
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Still from Intelligent Workstation bench animation

Intelligent Workstation

Revolutionising manufacturing and maintenance operations, developed and deployed in collaboration with Fairfield Control Systems.
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#ICYMI At @iitsec this week, we've announced we're working with @red6ar on how we can integrate its #augmentedreality #technology in to the world's most proven and successful fast jet trainer, Hawk. Find out more about: #iitsec #iitsec2022 #training

We're delighted to be working with @red6ar to bring its augmented reality technology on to the world's flying classroom, Hawk, enabling pilots to train alongside virtual threats and co-operate with virtual wingmen whilst airborne.

@seandunderdale @RAFConingsby Thanks for having Martin on, Sean. The Typhoon fleet at @RAFLossiemouth will be getting these new electric power units as well - but a bit 'off patch' for you at @BBCRadioLincs! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 :)

Cool tech? ✅ Critical advantage? ✅ We enable pilots to focus on their task by improving their line-of-sight situational awareness👀🔗 #HeadUpDisplay #HelmetMountedDisplay

Whipping up a digital storm - how UK-led Tempest next-gen fighter programme is set to make history 'In the next issue of AEROSPACE - December 2022' #avgeek #FCAS #TeamTempest

#ICYMI Catch Martin Topping, our UK Typhoon Service Delivery Director, talk to @BBCRadioLincs' @seandunderdale about how we're bringing greener, more efficient electric ground power units on the @RAFConingsby Typhoon fleet. Listen here from 01:38:

Did you know our engineering teams are looking at using technologies which could make their way in to the cockpit of the future combat air system, Tempest? No? Well, let our engineer Jack tell you about it: @TeamTempestUK

We continue to work alongside air forces operating our Hawk advanced jet trainer to integrate next generation technologies ensuring it continues its place at the heart of training pipelines. Find out more about the world's flying classroom:

Listen live just after 7.30am on your radio, smart speaker or on this link:

If you are attending #IITSEC 2022, make sure you come and find out more from our team about how we are reshaping the future of military training. Find us on Booth 465. #IITSEC2022 #training #simulation #metaverse @BAESystemsInc @vraisimulation

Green Typhoon Power 🌳 The @RoyalAirForce Typhoon fleet which secures the skies over the UK is to be powered by greener energy. New electric power units will replace diesel systems cutting emissions by more than 90% whilst cutting running costs by 80%.

Sir Stuart Atha, our Director of Training & Support Transformation, recently joined @hadeaninc for a discussion on how the military metaverse is revolutionising the way we train the forces of tomorrow. Register to watch the webinar on demand, here:

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