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In this Special Report from Manufacturing TV, find out more about how we’re investing in technologies and working with a wider supply chain to advance our manufacturing capabilities.
The workstation combines a range of Industry 4.0 technologies and systems to assist the operator in a range of complex, secure and demanding environments.
Designed with the operator in mind, it has been developed to maximise the value of human touch. 
Its modular design can be adapted and scaled to suit a range of operational needs to deliver more efficient and adaptable capability.  
Working collaboratively with BAE Systems, we have securely integrated many new technologies and connected them to business systems. Our unique partnership has allowed us to develop and prove Intelligent Workstation in a live production environment, ensuring it is safe, secure, and resilient. Oliver Mangham, Applications Director, Fairfield Control Systems


Intelligent Workstation assisted assemble workbench diagram
Secure systems integration
Intelligent Workstation has the ability to securely pull through a range of key information from a multitude of business-wide systems. This ensures Intelligent Workstation is stitched into the fabric of existing operational environments, not isolated as an island of technology
Dynamic Work Instructions
Interactive PDF’s, video content and 3D models can be used to provide the operator with enhanced training and support
The system has been designed to connect with other manufacturing systems e.g supply and stock systems to provide an end to end smart manufacturing solution
Every assembly has a completed digital signature
Engineer with AR headset smiling
Augmented Reality
Making use of optical projection, laser projection, mobile tablets & AR headsets, Intelligent Workstation can provide the operator key information at precisely the right time in any given operation

From the placement of components on a sub-assembly, to manipulating the finished part and envisioning the final output, the latest software is utilised to transform the operator experience
Intelligent Workstation smart gantry in use
Smart Tools Compatibility
Tools are integrated into the workstation so that operators have at a glance guidance for optimal use.  Working with leading specialists Fairfield Control Systems, the open system architecture means users are not restricted in their choice of tools
Automatic Operator Recognition
Bench height and lighting is adjusted to individual operator preferences
Operator settings can be adjusted depending on the nature of each operation
Intelligent Workstation CGI model
Light assisted kitting
Guides operator to part selectionIntelligent Workstation CGI model
Smart supply systems - System informs stock/re-order requirements reducing waste and time from the process
Smart Management 
Live data dashboards from the workstation can be live tracked from remote location
Automated Validation
Live quality checks ensure task is being completed within the specifications required
Intelligent Workstation has revolutionised the operator experience across BAE Systems Air Sector. We believe there is huge potential for other adjacent industries to benefit from this experience and transform their complex operations too Shaun Williams, Entrepreneur in Residence, Air Sector

Product Applications

Intelligent Workstation is ideally suited for quality critical, high precision, low volume, high complexity operations and/or situations requiring rapid training/ up-skilling.
Examples include:
Aerospace and Defence applications Heavy industry applications Medical device applications Oil and gas applications Civil nuclear applications Renewable applications
Each Intelligent Workstation is unique in its design, wrapping a secure digital operational tech solution around individual requirements. Final solutions can include: Bench Systems, Augmented Reality Headsets, Laser Projection Systems and scaled-up Gantry Systems.
Find out more about how the Intelligent Workstation could transform your operations below.
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Spotlight on our supply chain

Find out more about Fairfield Control Systems, the team who developed a production-ready version of the Intelligent Workstation for the manufacture of aircraft parts.
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Air sector
Global leaders in Combat Air.
Factory of the Future

Partnering for success

More than 40 suppliers and organisations help us to deliver next generation manufacturing capabilities and drive benefits and cost savings into existing programmes like Typhoon and F-35 and help to pave the way for the development of a future combat air system
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Factory of the Future

The workstation continues to be developed further within our Factory of the Future test-bed environment
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Technology Transforming Typhoon

Intelligent Workstation is currently in operation in Typhoon production
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