As of July 2018, there have been 61,500 children on the child protection register or subject to a protection plan in the UK.

(NSPCC Child Protection Register Statistics) 
At the moment, information about the risk around a child is spread across different systems, and even different organisations. With the number of children needing our help increasing and resources remaining restricted, this challenge will only get harder.
BAE Systems has known how to bring together disparate pieces of data and make sense of them for a long time. We have been doing it for commercial organisations for years. So a simple question was asked – why can’t we do the same for child protection?

Helping Safeguard Vulnerable Children Across the UK
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How data fusion can protect children

The current system requires a child to hit a threshold of risk before any information sharing can happen between law enforcement agencies and child protection organisations. The problem is that we are looking for red flag events – such as a child self harming or coming into A&E with multiple broken bones.
In partnership with a number of child protection organisations we have developed a tool to help in the fight to protect our nation’s children.


years' worth of data was analysed in under four hours


indicators of risk assessed automatically and concurrently


free text fields of data analysed

The tool has brought together all the available information about a child, analysed and presented it back in a single place. This can tell the child care professionals about the risk around a single child, before any red flag event needs to happen.
The development of this tool is an example of BAE Systems Applied Intelligence using deep-rooted data expertise. But it’s how the tool has been used by the police and social services which has made the difference.

This is a partnership of people passionate about protecting children.

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