Our combat systems form the ‘brains’ of complex warships and submarines, which crew members depend on to operate effectively in the world’s most difficult and dangerous environments.


Our Combat Systems teams have more than 45 years of experience in the design, development and integration of state-of-the-art naval combat systems for every major surface ship and submarine in the Royal Navy’s fleet and they’re in operation with more than 20 navies around the world.

We’re currently involved in some of the most complex engineering projects in the UK, including integrating the mission system on the new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers, the largest ships ever built for the Royal Navy and the combat systems on the UK’s most powerful attack submarines, the Astute Class. Meanwhile, our engineers are developing combat systems for the next generation of naval platforms, Type 26 Global Combat Ships and the Successor programme to the Vanguard submarines.

We’re also delivering a sea-change in capability with the development of revolutionary new technology like Shared Infrastructure, which will establish a common shared architecture across all Royal Navy warships and allow all software, from navigation to sonar, to be accessed from a single console.

That’s Inspired Work.